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Dani Guardiola (me!)

Software engineer, math and physics student.

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Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my little blog 😊. Some quick facts about me:

  • 🎨 Design system developer and LLM tamer (among other things) at Create.
  • 🎓 Math and physics student at UGR (University of Granada, Spain).
  • 🎵 Very into music, although I don't have much time to jam these days!
  • 🌍 Born and based in Spain. I love traveling and often work remotely from different locations.
  • 💙 Always having fun, always learning, always building.
  • ✊🏽 Advocate for free and open source software and hardware, the right to repair, and privacy.
  • 🌱 Kindness over profit. Collaboration over competition. Building for humans over building for money.

Find me on Twitter and GitHub, or email me at hi@daniguardio.la (PGP public key: pgp.dio.la).

Hope you enjoy my site! I try and fail to keep it updated with my latest projects and thoughts.